Dwayne McDuffie, Rest In Peace

Yesterday when I logged onto Facebook, I got some very sad news. Dwayne McDuffie had passed. If never heard about Dwayne McDuffie, I will tell you. He was a passionate, gifted and motivated comic book writer. He championed increasing the diversity in the comic book world by telling great comic tales that included superheroes that looked like you and I.

I have loved comics since I was a little boy. They were great tales of superhuman feats, extraordinary powers and just good ole’ bad versus good. One thing though that you couldn’t help notice is that most of the heroes were white. Not trying to make the comic world into a racial issue but you do feel more empowered when you see yourself include in tales of heroism. Dwayne McDuffie felt the same way and combated that through his writing. During the early 90’s, McDuffie and Derek Dingle founded Milestone Media published through DC Comics. Some of the titles were Static Shock, Hardware, Blood Syndicate and Xombi. They only lasted for four years but introduced more superheroes of color with stories that more in sync with people of color. I met Dwayne McDuffie years back at a comic convention and got an autographed issue of Hardware from him. I was so excited about Milestone Media and what it promised.

While Milestone didn’t live long, it showed that comic can include many different stories and heroes with threat to the long established comic forefathers. It should how much brighter the comic world can be with even more fantastical heroes, villians and universes. With Black Panther, Luke Cage, Bishop, Black Green Lantern and Ororo (Storm), now stand Static Shock, Hardware, Xombi and the members of Blood Syndicate.

Rest In Peace, Dwayne as your legacy will be preserved and continued.


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