Creativity Via Latin Style

Several weeks ago, I got an email blast about a new blog focusing on Latino/Latina endeavors in the creative industry. It’s called Conversaciones: Latinos in Creative Industries. Cool I thought and quickly signed up. There’s been about four profiles that I remember off the top of my head and it’s been an interesting and very informative read. So far the majority of Latinos featured would fall into the category “white Hispanic” but it’s early so I hope to see different representation of the Latino experience.

There plans for events, workshops and the sort with the idea being born out of a collaboration with NY Designs with Hostos Community College to gauge the state of design entrepreneurship within New York City’s rapidly expanding Latino community which created the report, Créate: Diseñadores de Nueva York, which was published in late summer of 2010. SVA later joined in with NY Designs and in May 2011, they held their first event in its Conversaciones series as part of its ¿Hablas Diseño? program.

It’s great to finally see the different cultural impacts on the design industry as this will (or should) lead to more open discussions about design participation, perceptions and execution in the cause of creating good communication design. Here’s the link to the blog:

Do go and check it out.


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