Hail To The V

It was about two weeks ago that I saw a commercial for Summer’s Eve. Yeah, the feminine hygiene wash. Why would I, a guy, talk about Summer’s Eve? Because the commercial I saw took a product that had been ridiculed for years on TV and turned into a statement of power. The commercial I’m talking about it the Hail To The V campaign by Summer’s Eve. It was brilliant, powerful, thought-provoking, fun and most of all, dead on point.

The point of the campaign is to celebrate the power of the pussy. A clean, fresh V will and has made many a man do anything to get to it. Now some folks have found it offensive, that it reflects badly on both men and women but really you can’t deny how it takes a once overlooked, let’s hide it type product and turns into this into a tool to help the mighty power of a woman’s V. I think it’s fantastic (and major kudos for a more intelligent and respectful showcase of women of color) and quite smart.

Bottom line, most men will flip at the mere prospect of coming into contact with any V. For me, I’ve always held the belief that woman are truly the ones in power because the V will make most of us willing and able to do just about anything. So, loving the power message of the campaign as well as the sly humor injected into it and just glad the awful puppet campaign was officially retired.

Ad agency, wouldn’t it have been easier to really think about your creative before releasing the mess you did before this? I mean, really!


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