The Truth is Neither Sweet or Soft

I’ve been told that I shouldn’t be so open, so raw in my postings—that I should censor myself. But then what would be the point? I created this blog to talk about the things that ARE NOT being said…real experiences as a designer, creative, both positive and negative, that should be exposed, calling out bullshit when it needs to and so on. Truth is never easy to digest. Blogs are basically opinions of their creators but in my process of doing this, I want to be true to all sides and that means sometimes what I say, see or learn may not be pleasing to all.

We’ve become too much of a politically correct society while throwing away our common sense. DO NOT MISTAKE this to mean that fools can say ignorant, racist, sexist, misogynistic statements and claim that they are just being real.

NO…ignorance is still ignorance.

But in creating this digital journal, my hope is that it grows and engages those who read it. In growing, my hope is that a dialogue is created among myself and all that read SoulFul Design. Sharing our stories, experiences and mishaps can only help us all grow and give seed for the future generation to blossom in ways we haven’t. We acquire so much while living that it would be shameful—no, it is shameful NOT to pass forward what we’ve learned both the bad and the good. It can’t exist without one another.

So at the end of the day, I will not censor, nor be soft about what I see, experience and feel as a creative communicator. This is my voice…and it needs to be heard.


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