It’s Been Slow Here I Know

Hey there. I know it’s been a bit infrequent between posts and I’m so sorry about that. My life has been racing with speed bumps. My mind has been on overload  and so many things have taken a back seat including my Soulful Design. That’s not what I want and from now on, I really will make every effort to communicate with you regularly.

Work, home life, kids, marriage, extended family all seem to jockey for attention which leaves barely any time for me. It has been a real mental drain but the show must, needs, has to go on. So keep an eye out for the latest Soulight Interview coming this week.

Thanks for supporting and I will keep it coming.

All the best,


2 thoughts on “It’s Been Slow Here I Know”

  1. I completely agree, Andrew, especially since we now have a 1-year old:o. Anyway, I’d like discuss some design projects, please let me know the best way to reach you. Jen

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