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Where is ME?

My 44th birthday is in just over a week. For the past year, I’ve been thinking a lot about my career, my studio—just my life overall. There’s been tremendous opportunities, some great times and experiences but also some very, very tragic happenings. Throughout all my reflecting, one feeling has kept coming to the surface. I’M TIRED.

Tired emotionally; tired spiritually; tired financially; tired physically which all makes me tired creatively. The desire to one day run my own design studio has been there since I started designing. In one sense, I succeeded in achieving that goal. In another sense, I still haven’t. In the last few years though that desire as been waning. While I’ve been trying to make a go of my studio, I have also had to support my wife’s business, support my kid’s programs/schooling and sustain our household. All this support has severely weakened my creative foundation. My mind is filled with worry, anxiety, stress and tension. From my mind all the worry, anxiety, stress and tension has now become physical as my body aches with pain that didn’t exist before. None of which helps a creative mind live, grow and expand. This is not quite the picture I had in mind all those years dreaming of my own studio. Continue reading Where is ME?