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Adobe New Creative Is Spotlighting Fresh Creatives

In the morning, I have to do several things before I start my day. First, I must have my coffee. Second, I must have a good breakfast. Third, I must scan my design bookmarks.

It’s that third ritual in which I read about some new designers being spotlighted by Adobe in their campaign for Creative Cloud, New Creative. What intrigued me was the nice diversity of creatives they were showcasing. Blow me away in a very positive way. One such creative is Gavin Campbell. He’s an illustrator and graphic designer based in the UK—London to be specific. He works delves into a lot of lighting work that is just simply amazing.

He along with a few other designers are giving these talks about their work, careers and how Creative Cloud is a part of that. Pretty damn cool as I’ve been eyeing the campaign for a bit and like how they shine the various creative disciplines. Now I wish I could just buy a plane ticket and fly over to the UK, hang out for a few days and catch the presentations. Alas, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. However, Adobe has to be commended for the way they are trying to help all of us creatives bring our ideas to life. Most certainly, they have their faults as any every expanding company does. I myself have had issues with them from programs to price structures that made me smack my head wondering what were they thinking? But you can’t say they are not our greatest supporters. For that, Adobe stands above so many other companies in the creative industry and this series of profiles is another example of them setting the bar.

Thanks Adobe and looking forward to the next innovations you create and support.

OBD DesigNation 7 in Detroit

This past October 28th through October 31, the Organization of Black Designers (OBD) held their 7th DesigNation conference in Detroit Michigan. The last OBD conference I attended was in 1996/7 in Philadelphia. I had only been in the industry for seven years working as an Art Director for Income Opportunities, a general market business magazine for the small business, home office owned by Essence Communications. Somehow I stumbled upon OBD and was amped to join because I had been searching for other black designers—hell, designers of color period. Since I knew Essence wasn’t going to pay for me to go (despite the hype, Essence really wasn’t all about black solidarity), I would go on my dime. Continue reading OBD DesigNation 7 in Detroit

A Look At What About?

I didn’t want to be another person who moans about an issue and not do anything. In small parts I’ve been trying to introduce design to students by participating in AIGA’s mentoring program, speaking at various HS career days and for the past 3 years teaching design as an adjunct at New York City College of Technology. So I figured another way would be to create a magazine to pass along information to as many people as possible. Since I’ve in the magazine game for years, I know what steps had to be taken.

So just before the 2006 HOW Design Conference in Chicago, I put together my digital magazine. It was pushed through kinda quick so it didn’t have a heavily styled look to it. To my delight, it was received very well. I had grand plans for it…to publish quarterly, getting contributors and so on. Ha! Life had different plans. Needless to say it didn’t happen. So now fast forward to this moment. Figured it would be better to create a blog that would be much more interactive and immediate. And so this is how it begins.